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Tilen Hrovatic

Tilen Hrovatic

Novo Mesto,


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Harvesters by Anna Ancher


Diamond with Dennis Fitzpatrick Up by Benjamin Marshall


Birch I by August Strindberg


Louis Pasteur by Albert Edelfelt


Boys Playing on the Shore by Albert Edelfelt


Demasquee by Akseli Gallen Kallela


A Summer Night by Albert Joseph Moore


Canaries by Albert Joseph Moore


Christ and Mary Magdalene by Albert Edelfelt


Portrait of Ulysses S. Grant by Ole Peter Hansen Balling


Nocturne by Eilif Peterssen


Frederic Chopin by Tilen Hrovatic


The Little Village Girl with Red Carnation by Adolfo Guiard


Albert Einstein by Tilen Hrovatic


Albert Einstein by Tilen Hrovatic


Albert Einstein by Oren Jack Turner


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart by Barbara Krafft


Pigeons Egg Head, a Distinguished Young Warrior by George Catlin


No English, a Dandy by George Catlin


One Horn, Head Chief of the Miniconjou Tribe by George Catlin


Fort Union, Mouth of the Yellowstone River by George Catlin


Distant View of the Mandan Village by George Catlin


Ball-play of the Choctaw by George Catlin


Abbey among Oak Trees by Caspar David Friedrich


Woman at a Window by Caspar David Friedrich


The Monk by the Sea by Caspar David Friedrich


Cairn in Snow by Caspar David Friedrich


Mountain in Riesengebirge by Caspar David Friedrich


A Walk at Dusk by Caspar David Friedrich


Murnau, Burggrabenstrasse by Wassily Kandinsky


Romantic Landscape by Wassily Kandinsky


Impression III by Wassily Kandinsky


Points by Wassily Kandinsky


Dreamcatcher by Tilen Hrovatic


Cute Dalmatian by Tilen Hrovatic


Grapes by Tilen Hrovatic


Childrens Games by Pieter Bruegel the Elder


Hunters in the Snow by Pieter Bruegel the Elder


The Dutch Proverbs by Pieter Bruegel the Elder


Massacre of the Innocents by Pieter Bruegel the Elder


Peasant Wedding by Pieter Bruegel the Elder


The Tower of Babel by Pieter Bruegel the Elder


Nude reclining by Hugh Ramsay


Self portrait by William Etty


Male Nude, Kneeling, from the Back by William Etty


Bullfight, Suerte de Varas by Francisco de Goya


Still Life with Golden Bream by Francisco de Goya


Boy on a Ram by Francisco de Goya